19. März  2017

María De Buenos Aires

Theatre Erarta - Sankt Petersburg, Russland

The “operita” is a love story between the spirit of the sensitive and vibrant city of Buenos Aires (Giuliano Di Capua) and María (Gabriela Bergallo), the passional woman who sang in the cabarets of Buenos Aires and represents the Tango music of the forties, that dies for her vices, and comes back as a shadow, giving birth to the new Tango. 

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This is a highly physical piece of theatre: a sensual poem that could have come directly from Dali’s paintbrush. To enjoy this show, empty your mind, sit back, and let the experience wash over you, for this is an enticing feast of a production. Visually stunning, with inventive and atmospheric staging, passionate vocals and live band, sultry dancers and perfumes piped in to waft scents of oranges, spices and coffee over the audience, there is always something to look at, something to listen to, something to make you feel.

Charting the dramatic and crazy love story between the magnetic city and its musical soul , the show is an intense and passionate scenic interpretation by Giuliano Di Capua and his international company. Always acting at the edge, this physical theatre translates Piazzollas lyricism through performative metaphorism and magic dance. Argentinian singer Gabriela Bergallo plays María, a prostitute who, as the Tango of the 40ies, dies because of her vices, and comes back as a miracle.


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Teatro Di Capua

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8424 Embrach

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