Ramiro Obedman

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He has studied saxophone, flute, piano, harmony and composition with diverse teachers in:

*  Spain (M. Escribano, J. Anguera, C. Ianni, W. Matthews, B. Lopardo, Ricard Miralles, H. Onesti, Rafael Reina, Escuela de Música Creativa (where he  is scholarship  for the AIE for two years).

*  Argentina (Facultad de Musica de La Plata: H. Samela, Violeta Gainza and others).

*  Cuba (Instituto Superior de Arte ISA and teachers Andres Alen, Javier Salva and Carlos Averoff).

*  He also has taken part in diverse seminars  (Barry Harris, Valderrama, Taller de Música y Sonido SGAE 2011 and many others).


He combines activities as interpreter with labors of production and composition. From 1995 to 2006 at Fagocity Productions, were he manage different works. At present time he just composed the music for the theater play Yo Soy Don Quijote de la Mancha, directed by Luis Bermejo and  played by José Sacristán, touring right now. He also released the third Cd of Camerata Flamenco Project (band from which he is founder member) at the XXIX International Jazz Festival of Madrid, with amazing guest artists as Carmen Linares and Jorge Pardo among many others.  Some works:

Music for documentaries and publicity. (“Un Paseo por la Vida”,  from Joaquin Araujo for Faunia and agencies Vitrubio Leo- Burnett, Lan Chile, Aldeas Infantiles, etc…)

Music for Image (Max Clan Tele 5, shortfilms: “Pivot”, “A Cámara Lenta”, “Digresiones sobre una Relación sin Futuro”)

Music for Dance (“Casi Diosas”, Cía. Larumbe Danza and others, “Amor y Otros Demonios”, Cía. Rafaela Carrasco).

Music for Theater Plays and Musicals: He has collaborated in to theater plays from Animalario Company, “Ración de Oreja” and “Qué te Importa que te Ame”. He also arranged, recorded and managed the musical direction of the theater play “Timón de Atenas”, music from author Juan de Pura, for the Mérida Thater Festival 2008, directed by Joaquim Benítez. He composed the music for the theater play “Yo Soy Don Quijote de la Mancha”, directed by Luis Bermejo and  played by José Sacristán, nowadays touring, released at the Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro, July 2012. Arrangements, recording and producing the two children´s plays “Beaty & Beast” and Planet E, for company You Are The Story. Original Music for the Music Hall Alice in Wonderland, for Teatralia, 2014, now touring. Arranges and musical direction of music halls at Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, Abba and El Bosque, now live playing. Arranges and musical direction of music hall Scooby Doo at Warner Park of Madrid, now live playing.

Music for TV: He has played as performer and arranger at several Tv series.



Jazz (EMC Latin Big Band, Aberhai, J. Camacho Quintet, Walkin Sax Quartet, Hispasax Quartet, La Nueva Orleans Jazz Band, Missing Stompers, Swing Band, Swing Big Band, AIE All Stars Blues Band, Pepe Sanchez Big Band, Santiago de la Muela Big Band, Swingtet, Jerry Gonzalez Big Band dirigida por Miguel Angel Blanco, Vocalese and his own bands as Juan Cuacci-Ramiro Obedman Duo, Ramiro Obedman Quartet, Camerata Flamenco Project)

Música Latina (La Unica, Tipico Caribe, Centro Havana Band with Octavio Cotan, Montuno, Havana Conection, Wawa Banda)

Reggae y  Ska (Laurel Aitken, Malarians, Desacato Dada)

World Music (Rasha, Afrobrass, Baron Ya Buk Lu, others …)

Pop/rock y Soul (Victor Manuel & Ana Belén “50 Años no es Nada Tour”, Dúo Dinámico, Patricia Kraus, Greta y Los Garbo, Cool Jerks)

Tango (Juan Cuacci Quinteto, Susana Rinaldi, Liechtenstein Workshops 2006,2008, 2011 y 2013, were releases original music “Milonga Quebrada” and the 3 Movements Suite  “Tanguestrasse”)

Musicals (“Broadway Para Niños”, Cia. Musikanz, “Off Broadway”  and “Victor o Victoria” with Paloma San Basilio for Stage Music, “Quisiera Ser-Duo Dinamico” for Spectalia, “Grease”-Butaca Stage, “Grease” – Pinkerton Audiovisuales, Annie, Al Final del Arco Iris for Producciones Emeyey)

Flamenco  From 1996 he begins to take part of Flamenco’s diverse companies, doing of this musical style one of his main professional and artistic skills. He has worked with: Adrian Galia, Rafaela Carrasco, New Spanish Ballet, Rafael Amargo, Antonio Marquez, Manolete and other many dancers of renown, and also has worked  this way as flamenco singers of the importance of Montse Cortes, Paco del Pozo and others, including the show New Generations of Cristina Hoyos as well as diverse tours all over the world.

Camerata Flamenco Project (www.camerataflamencoproject.es)  With this band from which he is founder member has released three cd´s:  Burlador (2006), Entre Corrientes (2011) and Avant Garde (2012), playing at several music festivals all around the world like the II Festival Flamenco de Dublin 2011, Facyl Salamanca 2010, Suma Flamenca 2010, Festival de Jazz de Madrid 2010 y 2012, Festival de las Artes de Singapur, Suma 2015, Teatros de la Villa 2015 with C. Linares and J.M. Cañizares playing “Amor Brujo” from Falla and many others.



Antonio Rey Grupo


Lila Horowitz

Burlador (Cía. Rafaela Carrasco at the Joyce Theater, New York)

Juan Cuacci Quintet”Live” in  Faro, Portugal.

Original Blend (Ramiro Obedman/Juan Cuacci Duo)

Impressions  (Camerata Flamenco Project)

Burlador (Camerata Flamenco Project)

Entre Corrientes (Camerata Flamenco Project)

Avant-Garde (Camerata Flamenco Project)


Teatro Di Capua

Oberdorfstrasse 16
8424 Embrach

T: + 41 76 296 12 10